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Your board’s all tuned, you’ve got the perfect playlist ready to go and you’re just about to hit that first hill of the day… what’s the last thing you need to remember before you drop? If you’re like us, you strap on your helmet, give your 4ST sticker a little love tap and start bombing! Why? Because we’re around skateboards all day and know full well the consequences of not wearing a helmet.

But that’s just our reason. We want to know why you wear a helmet!

Tell us why you wear a helmet and you could win a free Triple Eight helmet and a bunch of 4ST Decals. We don’t care whether it’s because your mom makes you do it or because you generally value your own health — we hope it’s the latter. Just let us know why it’s important for you to wear a helmet and we’ll pick our favorite entry to send a free Triple Eight helmet and some 4ST decals.

To enter, just write your response in the comments of this blog post before Friday, February 3. You must have taken the 4ST Pledge in order to enter. Click here to take the pledge.

A big thanks to Triple Eight for providing the helmet to run this contest! Check them out online at


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  • huntham says:

    So when the rest of my body gets wrecked, i know that something is protected.

  • Nick Hayes says:

    So my g.f dont have to wipe my ass cuz im brain dead

  • Ruoss Julian says:

    A guy told me a helm is a pretty cool thing…so

  • Garrett says:

    Because my girlfriend tells me to, and listening to her has its…benefits…

  • Simon says:

    Becaus I have something to protect! My brain and I know so many of my friends who don’t wear helmets and laughs at me cus I wear a helmet when I ride…. But in the end I know that I’m the one who gets the last laugh and make it out alive if I would crash….

  • ztozier says:

    Brain Bucket for SAM!!!

  • Alex says:

    Because one day I was freebording without helmet and I fell, so I hit my head with the floor and since that day I’m losing memory each 10 seconds. And since that day…..Hey, about what I was talking about? Oh! Yes, so one day I was freebording without helmet and I fell, so I hit my head with….Oh, not again! I will start again…One day I was freebording and…Oh, not again plis!

  • RJ Switzrlnd says:

    Why Not?!

  • Elyh Hunter says:

    Because i dont want to sacrifice the future of all things i can and do love for the thing i love doing right now, and as a tribute to a fellow aussie i would have loved to have had the pleasure of riding with, 4ST

  • Johan says:

    Well, I need this helmet because.. if i should fall on my head, i won’t get any more stupid than what i am. Be protective !!

  • Zach Virgo says:

    Fell once hit my head it hurt. So now i wear a brain bucket. Dont fel like dying and because John Laudin wants me too

  • owen says:

    because it conveniently hides my baldness

  • Kaz says:

    Because you haven’t purchased a “complete” until you’ve bought a helmet.

  • Ivan Velkov says:

    because someday somehow maybe I’ll have to save the world.. brocken head before that just wont do the job πŸ™‚

  • Rob C. says:

    I wear a helmet because I know the dangers of not wearing a helmet! And I want to live for a long time and spend as much time with my family and friends!

  • David Glover says:

    H elmets are
    E very riders
    L ife line.
    M fg wants
    E veryone
    T o buckle up

    4 safety sake
    S top and
    T hink ….Wear a helmet 4ST

  • Rory T. says:

    I’ve had 2 falls, with my helmet where I have hit the back of my head on the pavement. I need to where my helmet or get a snow machine!

  • Lluis B says:

    Because I would break the floor with my head everytime I fall going with freebord. And this would cost millions of dollars to the state to arrange all the roads of the country. I know, my head is very strong and can break everything!

  • Evan says:

    i wear a helmet because i dear friend died of a head injury from skateboarding when i was young. since then my helmet has saved my life i like to think, 3 years ago i hit the back of my head hard enough to give myself two black eyes. without a helmet it could have been a lot worse.

  • Dhriti says:

    So even when i’m cruising I know I’m protected …just in case a stack happens…and also not being a grom and wearing a Helmet showing all the groms it’s cool to wear a Helmet, and hence trying to be an awesome skater girl role model. πŸ™‚

  • Denis Rutten says:

    Thank you HELMET !! I broke mine last time i’ve been riding… caught a backside edge… Lost mind for a few minutes, headaches for a few days but now, i’m fine!!

    Thank you Helmet, if it wasn’t for you i won’t be feeling so god today…

    Don’t ever forget to WEAR A HELMET 4ST !


  • Tony K says:

    because gettin 6 staples in the side of my head sucked. n i’m losing vision in my left eye. cuz i go BIG

  • Drew P. says:

    So I can protect myself and show others that wearing helmet is for more than looks. Also protecting myself allows me to continue to Freebord longer.

  • Gregor K. says:

    i had a pretty bad crash last july and have worn a helmet every ride since

  • Enrique says:

    I wear a helmet because I care for my health and cause I shred hard. I wear a helmet because it allows me to continue doing what I love everyday, Freebording.

  • Matthew says:

    So my nieces will think I’m some what protected from injury.

  • Michael L says:

    cause you can live without an eye and you can live without an arm but you can’t live without a head.

  • Gabriel says:

    I wear my helmet to be just lile you guys πŸ˜€

  • jibunit says:

    ‘Cause, “Hard work good and hard work fine, but first take care of head”

  • jake says:

    β€œAnd Saul armed David with his armour, and he put an helmet of brass upon his head; also he armed him with a coat of mail.”

    Even the bible went on about needing a helmet to protect yourself! It’s better to have your brains in a bucket, than brains on the asphalt. You see too many people killing or seriously injuring themselves skating (whilst not wearing a helmet)..

  • Ryan McNeeley says:

    I wear a helmet because my buddy was bombing a hill and halfway down he lost control, fell, and hit his head on the curb. He fractured his skull, had internal bleeding and had numerous cuts and scrapes on his head. He landed in the hospital with a coma. The doctors didn’t expect him to live, but he pulled through and made a full recovery. I wear a helmet because he didn’t. I wear my helmet for Drew.

  • ml says:

    because after riding without helmet, someone has to clean the street after my crash…and blood is pretty hard to remove

  • Carl half-tard ponsioen says:

    im already a half tard no need to make it full tard.

  • Moritz says:

    Bones grow back, brain doesn’t.

  • jeremy H says:

    I wear a helmet because I don’t want another concussion. I’m old and I know that accidents happen. I’d rather where a helmet when I board than have to wear a helmet because I didn’t when I boarded.

  • Callum Rushin says:

    I wear a helmet, because in the future, it makes me cool. All the guys (and girls) that think they are cool now, by not wearing a helmet, will later on in life be very hot. They will be in a crematorium, having their friends cry over the fact that they died, doing something fun like freeboarding. My helmet will keep me cool, because I will be sitting in an air-conditioned room, eating some tasty food.

  • Connor says:

    So I can ride my board more than once.

  • Phil says:

    I can’t be injuring my money maker no not my face my round head people just love it

  • Braden says:

    Saved my life once. I am sold on helmets. I wear a helmet for my own well being and 4st.

  • Anthony D says:

    So my daughter has her insane dad and not a vegetable as a father.

  • JohnDavid says:

    because I will mess up

  • Shahzeb Khan says:

    I wear my helmet so I don’t die because then I won’t be able to freebord anymore!

  • Lynch says:

    Broken bones and torn up skin heals, the brain however does not.

  • Jen says:

    Why do I wear a helmet?

    When I snowboard, I wear a helmet because it:

    a- protects my head
    – Since I’m not one of those who is born with the looks, I have to rely on my noggin, so keeping my brain safe is a must!

    – Especially from the bar on the lift which occasionally get slammed against my head πŸ˜›

    b-keeps my head warm
    – a major plus!

  • Tyrone says:

    I always wear protection so that I can go harder for longer without the fear of life altering consequences.

  • Nana says:

    It can be customized, available in several sizes and in several color.
    It keeps you warm and protected,
    It is comfortable and reassuring …

    It is more effective than a cap and as customizable as a garment.
    It is as comfortable as a good old pair of skateshoes
    but It is none of these elements …

    This is my helmet. It is also cool because when I do not ride, It’s on my shelf waiting quietly without complaining or bitching! In addition it has become the best friend of my brain so I do not want to disappoint and I wear when I ride!

  • Meloen says:

    I wear a helmet because I value my head…some goes to pads…I value my kneed and elbows…slide globes–> don’t want to lose my hands…I may look stupid with all this protection, but I feel better with it!

  • Matthias says:

    … because it looks cool!

  • Dimitris says:

    I wear a helmet because heads are really expensive to buy… so I buy helmets instead!

  • Sam says:

    I wear two helmets because my girlfriend tells me that i only think with my penis. So i got to keep him safe XD

  • Jordi Puig Ribas says:

    cause my mom told me if i died she wouldn’t allow me to freebord again

  • Chris Cartledge says:

    I used to work with adult with disabilities in a house filled with TBI adults, and have seen first hand what a good thump to the skull will do! I decided at that point that I would always wear a Brain-Bucket!

  • Taylor says:

    The risk isn’t worth it. I love to freebord and the pros of wearing a helmet clearly outweigh the cons. Better to be safe than sorry!

  • Riley Parr says:

    Because i’ve gotten a concusion, later cracked another helmet, and you know, asphalt and skull dont go well together.

  • Mike D says:

    I wear a helmet because I love my friends and my family.

  • Bob says:

    Because even with a helmet it hurts, and I’m really soft.

  • Arnas says:

    Because I want to improve and it’s unsafe without helmet.

  • Pedro Fonseca says:

    Because if I get injured I will have to wait more time to ride again!

  • Scott Mychajluk says:

    Because I have haemophilia b !! So I require all the protection available

  • Domi says:

    After 8 years of snowboarding I bought a helmet because I liked its look…
    Half a year later it saved my life!
    Thats why I always wear a helmet now πŸ™‚

  • christian nze says:

    Without my head I can’t movemy legs ( just a human things)
    So to keep on moving me freeboard I wear an helmet

  • Isaac Park says:

    I wear a helmet because I’ve had a few bails were I’ve nearly broke my head open and I don’t wanna risk that πŸ˜›

  • Jason U. says:

    because a helmet is a riders life line i can not count how many times i have hit my head on the ground probably billions of times more like a thousand but that’s not that point if i wasn’t wearing a helmet i could have been dead by now with a cracked skull, helmets save life’s.

  • Neil Gorham says:

    I wear a helmet for two reasons:
    1. I’ve split open my head twice six years before I started freebording. (started March 2007).
    2. While freebording I watch my brother fall head first into a curb. Luckily he survived without taking any damage.
    I influenced my brother to try this board sport and one could imagine if things had gone differently that day. I’ve always worn a helmet after that day. Bones will break, scars will heal, but if you lose your head; you lose everything.

  • Antonio Figueroa says:

    I wear a helmet so i can keep freebording and be able to teach my kids. I believe this is a sport the whole family could get into.

  • Oscar Sakurada says:

    I want to make sure I will be freebording again tomorrow and also being a good example for all children.

  • Sica says:

    I wear a helmet because my brain is worth protecting.

  • willr401 says:

    Beacause I am stiill learning and without a helmet i would have probably died 5 times over. Plus i my old helmet is so sctatched up from years of longboarding and recently learning how to freebord.

  • Michael Nelson says:

    I wear a helmet because my mom got knocked in the head on her motorcycle and was knocked out on the freeway luckily she was alright. However if she was wearing a helmet she may have been even better and would have been able to remember something for the next 20 minutes as the highway patrol told her she needed to drive away or else she would get a ticket.

  • Tyrone says:

    I’ve seen what asphalt does to wheels. I don’t want my head to have a flat spot.

  • Robert Sharp says:

    I wear a helmet because the scrapes that exist on it make me feel so much better to be alive.

  • micaela says:

    if you love do this, longboarding or any risky sport, just you must to do care yourself for the simple reason:the brain is in your head . and if you been dropped if there maybe you cant do this anymore… you must love yourself like love this sport.

  • Jordy says:

    I wear a Helmet every time I skate because it gives me the confidence to go as hard as I can downhill. Also if I stack on my head, I won’t be able to skate everyday!

  • Rafael BMF says:

    Because my friend that introduce me to the Freebord world, died while freebording without a helmet in October 2007.
    I think that nobody knows about it, but Guilherme Haryon was a brazilian freeborder that died while shredding Frebord without a helmet.
    Wear a helmet for ST and GH!

  • Nick says:

    Well I busted my ass one day pretty badly and went to the emergency room because of it. Ended up with a concussion and a couple staples in the back of my head, not a fun time. So now I wear a helmet because I only have so many brain cells to kill.

  • Ryan Mann says:

    I wear a helmet because one of my good friends was put in a coma from head trauma due to a bad BMX crash. Needless to say, he wasn’t wearing a helmet and he hasn’t been the same since. I hope that everyone takes their lives seriously and shred only while wearing a helmet.

    Peace and Love

  • Monty says:

    I wore a helmet about 50% of the time when i used to freeboard. While hitting some hills one day i fell and got whipped into the ground. Luckily i had my helmet on and it cracked all down the back. Always wear a helmet now.

  • Oscar says:

    I wear a helmet because i don’t want to fucking die.

  • Nate Lambi says:

    I wear a helmet for my son and my daughter. I want to be around for them, not dead or a veggie. I also want to set a good example for them. I can’t imagine not coming home to their smiling faces anymore.

  • Jon Shontz says:

    Because I already got one concussion water tubing and then a few years later I got another one while mountain biking despite the fact that I was wearing a helmet. Now that I broke my skate helmet I currently only have bike helmets which is why I may have gotten a third concussion from hitting the back of my head while freebording the other week. I don’t want permanent brain damage so I wear a helmet.

  • Tommy says:

    I wear a helmet because I don’t want to mess up my buzz cut hair

  • Cody mack says:

    All I really need to say is 4ST! I mean he was a PRO! I’m an amateur and for me to think about no wearing a helmet is crazy. I love my life and family and wanna be here for a long time. Plus catching edge hurts like a bitch haha

  • Martim says:

    I use the helmet to keep my ideas safe, my freedom alive and my mom quiet.

  • Jan Duffin says:

    I’m the mom and I say so! I’ve always worn a helmet horseback riding and tried to be a good example. Hayden figured it’s part of the gear for sports. Believe me, he needs a helmet!

  • Jonathan says:

    I cannot afford any more hospital bills or scars on my head.

  • Fredrik AlnΓ¦s says:

    I wear a helmet to be a good example for my old dad (45), who always tries to follow me down the hills. If I lose him, I will lose my best friend, my freebord-friend, my snowboard-friend and my surfer-friend.
    Love you dad!

  • Erik says:

    I do wear because of Sam, but mainly because even though it’s cool to wear no protection it’s even cooler to live longer riding with your friends!

  • Rolandox says:

    Hi, i use a helmet because i want in my city (Lima, Peru) there are guys that ride the freebord with protection…

    Here this sport is totally new and rare but awesome… For the moment i am the only who ride it (or of the few).

    There are much people who rides longboards and thinks helmet is for sissies… I wanna turn this into a trend and something important…, help me to make this a reality!

  • Dani says:

    I wear a helmet because mine has saved my life twice!

    As a 10 year old I was bombing down a hill on my bike, tried to jump a curb but nicked it instead and was launched into a rough brick wall. I was wearing my helmet and was still knocked out cold. That was the day I received my first major concussion.

    Ten years later snowboarding through the trees, I hopped out onto the groomed trail, caught my toe-side edge, over-corrected, caught heel side edge and went over backwards landing on the back of my head. I was again wearing a helmet yet I again received a major concussion. I think I was knocked out and somehow “woke up” about 1/4 mile down the slopes and around a corner. I still don’t know how I got there. To make a long story shorter, I got checked out at the ER hours later and the ER doc asked me why I wasn’t wearing a helmet. I told her that I was wearing a helmet and immediately her jaw dropped. Shortly after she told me that I probably would have fractured my skull and been in much worse shape, or dead, had I not been wearing it, although I still had a severe concussion. My symptoms lasted weeks and school was more challenging than ever before. I am to this day grateful to my helmets and NEVER ride without them.

    Head injuries are dangerous and life threatening. They can be a “silent killer” progressing fast and presenting like nothing more than an annoying headache until it may be too late. Each time a head is hit damage can occur whether signs and symptoms are present or not and the more times one person is hit the more severe the damage becomes. Helmets can help disperse the forces to the skull and lessen the impact of crashing potentially reducing the damage to internal structures like the brain.

    I wear my helmet because it has saved my life and I will continue to wear helmets forever!

  • Monte says:

    I wear a helmet because of a few reasons:

    1) The cliche but true saying “A Mind is A Terrible Thing To Waste”

    2) I love my friends and family and would never want to put them through any tragedy due to my bad decision making skills

    3) Helmets save lives and I have proof! See my video below

    4) I wear a helmet 4ST!

  • I wear a helmet because im an artist and not only can i put my art on it but its also a functional piece of art. I want to win this so i can paint it and show my art off while promoting that its cool and safe to wear a helmet. Everyone should get a helmet not because of the stories but because you know when u dont ride one you feel a bit guilty. I wear one to keep me safe and show of my art work and promote safety and freebording!

  • Connor Morris says:

    One too many head concussions! I wear a helmet to keep the scrambled eggs IN the skillet πŸ˜€

  • Amanda says:

    In addition to being cheaper than brain surgery, they can save your life, hold your goggles in place, look cool, keep you at a moe comfortable temperature, helmets are just plain more comfortable than hats. Period. Hats are itchy.

  • Ciprian Popescu says:

    My attire consists of a helmet because i want to keep the braincells i have left in tact, without any further damage or injury. Duly noted by my mother “wear your helmet” is yet another reason i wear my helmet!

  • Natalie says:

    Because I am gathering as much helmets as I can to give It away to the skater kids without any helmets so their brain can stay safe.

  • Surfer/skater dude says:

    I wear a helmet while skateboarding because I took a nasty spill downhill. Fortunately, I was wearing a hemet. I hit the back of my head so hard that it was like slamming a basketball into the ground. I feel like I would have had a serious brain injury or died without my helmet.

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