Why Didn't We Think of This

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Food truck, meet snowmobile:

via Thrillist:

Designed by a 40-year Mammoth Mountain ops vet, Roving Mammoth is North America’s first-ever on-mountain, snow-tracked, totally effing bad ass food truck.

Beginning today, the trucks’ll hit Mammoth runs without access to food (chairs 4/9/12/23) and camp out at the bottom of the lift so you can grab breakfast ‘n lunch burritos (including a green chili/egg/beans/salsa morning wrap) and eat ‘em on the way up.

The trucks’re equipped with a metal grate over one side of the treads, meaning you can actually walk right up a small staircase to a window to order your grub and drinks, which include easily boozed-up mixers thirst quenchers like sodas, juices, and vitaminwater, plus ample amounts of caffeinated bevs from coffee to Red Bull.

Follow @MammothMountain to find out where the snow-mo-trucks’ll be, and click here for more on what they’ll be serving (calzones?)


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