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The Super 8mm Film from Verbier, Switzerland has finally been processed, transferred, and edited. Freebord flew the entire company out to Verbier for the O’Neill Extreme back at the end of March for 7 days of incredible snowboarding and freebording. We met up with riders from all over Europe to ride and get wasted everyday, and documented most of the fun on a 1974 Minolta XL-400 Super8 camera using Ektachrome 64t and Black & White Film.

Minolta XL-400 (1974)

Minolta XL-400 (1974)

We flew into Zurich, Switzerland and drove across the country to Verbier in a 70’s VW bus. When we arrived we got hooked up with a phat condo minutes from the main gondola to the top of the 4 Vallees mountains. Everyday we rode on free passes and then freeborded down the 8 mile mountain pass through town.

Along the way we got chased by the Swiss Police for riding the highway (however they had trouble keeping up with us around the turns), tripping spectators out as we bombed passed them with spins and drawn out slides. Definitely more Verbier videos to come as soon as we get to editing the rest of the footage. Enjoy…

Jessica Ryan (USA)
Roberto Lopez (Spain)
Joey Pader (USA)
Steve Bianco (USA)
Cedric Durussel (Switzerland)
Arnaud Blin (France)
Jonathan Ehm (France)
Tim Seward (USA)
John Laudin (USA)
Bob Glashan (USA)
Laurent De Zutter (Belgium)
Remi Chapelain (France)

Filmed & Edited by:
Tim Seward

Fisherspooner – The 15th


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