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Those of you who came to the FRA’s may remember seeing a few outsiders we brought in to help check ID’s and tend bar. These helpers were hired from a website that connects people with workers willing to complete one-off tasks for a negotiable price. Well, apparently one of the female workers got a little too frisky with one of our female guests and got shit-canned by the website. Lucky for us we got a hold of the correspondence between the victim and website.

Did anyone else have a run in with this girl?

Female Guest:
Hi There,
I’d like to file a complaint about one of your workers, who I met at an event last weekend. Lena worked the Freebord rider awards, where I was a guest.

Near the end of the night I found myself chatting with Lena – I asked her about the website and how she came to be working the event. At no point in our short conversation did we discuss anything personal, but when I looked away for a moment I felt her hand on my butt. It was not a brush of the hand; there was a definite squeeze. I looked back at her, shocked, and she just stared at me, not taking her hand away. I became very uncomfortable and not wanting to create a scene, quickly walked to the other side of the room without saying anything. Not to be crass, but if she were a guy I would have slapped her in the face. She followed me there and again put her hand on my butt and squeezed. I immediately had to leave the party, feeling quite embarrassed, offended and creeped out by the situation.

I understand that the event was casual, and the hosts were relaxed about the staff being able to drink. But there is no cause for this kind of sexual harassment. It was unwelcome and very unsettling.

If you communicate this feedback to Lena, please keep my information anonymous.

Thank you,


My name is XXX and I am the director of marketing. Our member services team filled me in on the incident on Saturday night. First, I would like to apologize sincerely for Lena’s actions and thank you for bringing this to our attention. This type of behavior is never tolerated on our site. As a result, we have removed Lena as a worker.

Again, my sincere apologies. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance going forward.



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