Represent Tour Europe goes on

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After two awesome stops in Grenoble and Toulouse, we’re about to hit Nantes (France west coast) tomorow : Meeting is at 1pm at the Fac de Lettre. As usual, take your backpack with your phone, tools and water, and don’t forget your helmet.

What’s next ?
Paris (France) : August 8th – One afternoon of riding in the suburbs of Paris + Night shred.
Luzern(Switzerland) : August 15th – City runs and Alpine hills : Bus and Gondolas to go up.
Innsbruk (Austria) : August 27th – Representing the austria alpine runs, presence of pro team riders and redbull. Party hard.
Darmstadt or Aachen ? (Germany) : September 12th – Community is voting for the city that will host the Represent Tour ! Vote before 8th of August.
Bruxelles (Belgium) : September 19th – Sunday without cars is a perfect day to shred the city.


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