In 2011, local crews invited riders to shred their hills, putting together riding and partying weekends. With up to 50 riders in attendance at some events, the french crews rep super hard ! The kick-off was in June, in Poitiers, then there was rides in Grenoble, in Alsace, in Bordeaux and in the last was in September the Chartreuse mountain. Check out the videos and see you on the next Represent !!


2010 was a sick year for the Represent Tour Europe. Arnaud Blin and the local crews put together these events, in total, hundreds of riders came to shred and chill with other freeborders. The tour visited Grenoble, Toulouse, Nantes, Paris, Luzern, Innsbruck, Aachen and Bruxelles.


After the first Represent Tour in 08, we realised how important these rides were for our community. There is no such thing as a Represent Tour weekend : riding with tons of people, chilling and partying with other freeborders. After attending to a RT, you’ll never be the same freeborder !

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Back in 08, the Freebord community in France was tiny : just a few riders here and there. The goal of this tour was to connect with these riders and strengthen our community

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