Reminder: BEVs Due March 4th!

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Don’t forget to email your Best Edited Video links to [email protected] by the deadline!
A couple questions to clear up:

What music tracks can you use?
Music choice is up to you but we do encourage you to use free rights music. If your video gets flagged for copyright violation it’s up to you to fix it.

Can you incorporate graphics and special effects? Sure, get creative with your effects. Just make sure the only actual video footage you use is what we’ve provided.

Good luck and keep those submissions coming…

Freebord presents the Best Edited Video Contest: We provide the footage, You edit the video.

Not everyone can ride like the pros, but lots of you can edit like one. Now is your chance to make your own video with some of the best riding footage from the Freebord Pro Team.

We have a bunch of unseen HD footage from the 2010 Team, just waiting to be cut into a sick riding video. Download the provided footage here and edit into a 1-5 minute video for the web. Entries Due Friday, March 4th, 2011.

The winner will be rewarded $500 cash and their video will be featured on, Facebook, Youtube and Freebord International sites around the world.

Check out for all info, and help spread the word. You don’t need to be a Freeborder to enter!

  • Freebord will supply all footage; no other clips may be included. Editor may include a song of their choosing or use raw audio from footage.
  • Videos will be judged on creativity, quality of editing and overall entertainment value.
  • You may submit as many videos as you want, but all videos must be in no later than 11:59pm PT on Friday, March 4th, 2011.
  • All videos must be hosted online (at vimeo, youtube, dailymotion, etc.) and tagged as Freebord BEV2011. Then email a link to the video to [email protected] by the deadline. Please include your name and contact info in the email.
  • You must also save a full-quality version of your video on your computer for your entry to be eligible to win (we may request it at some point).
  • Freebord Manufacturing will judge all entries and notify the winners on or before March 15th, 2011. The winner will receive $500 cash.
  • Visit this page to read the Official Rules and download the files.
  • Any questions? Send an email to [email protected] or call us at 415-285-2673


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