Red Bull Launchpad Ideas

By February 2, 2012 May 19th, 2014 One Comment

Has anyone else seen this Red Bull Lauchpad contest? All you have to do is make a 30-second video of you describing your “big, cool, never-seen-before” idea and upload your video to this site. Your idea will battle head-to-head against other ideas with a jury of your peers deciding who gets their wings.

It’s against the rules for a company like ours to enter this contest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t! Check out the submission idea at 0:43 on this video… could you imagine shutting down Lombard Street for a massive Freebord throw down!?

As a Freeborder, what would you do if you could dip into the deep pockets of Red Bull and create anything you wanted?


About Freebord

Progression and innovation is what drives us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.

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