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Achim Besserer (aka Pyro) from the Freebord Germany crew was featured in a local German publication, the Vahinger Kreis Zeitung. Pyro talks about how he got started Freebording, the community in Germany, and how he broke his foot jumping off a double staircase…

Highlights from the Q&A below. Click here to see the full pdf.

No money for expensive trips in the mountains? You want to snowboard not only in winter? Here is the alternative: the Freebord is the closest thing to snowboarding. And the best thing is that no snow trails are required. Grab your board under your arm and walk to the next hill.  Get ready for an adrenaline kick start. Where was this invented? How do I get such a board? Where do I meet people in my area? These are only three questions we answer in this interview with the enthusiastic Freeborder Achim Betterer from Nussdorf.

Hey Achim, since when do you Freebord? Since 2006.

And how did you come to find out about it? I read an article at an online community Kwick. It got me interested and I met up with a few people and tried it. One week later, I had my first board.

You haven’t always been lucky – tell us about your most amusing and tragic accident.
Last year in the summer we were on the Killesberg in height park. In a curve, it was something close. My buddy and I more or less voluntarily landed in a meadow. After repeated beatings we looked like a bouquet of daisies with flowers and grass caught in our protective equipment. Another time I wanted to try a double staircase jump (Editor’s Note: A double staircase are twice six steps with a flat piece between). I landed clumsy with one foot up and now I have a broken toe.


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Progression and innovation is what drives us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.

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