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Mukilteo, Washington Represent ’09

By August 4, 2009 May 19th, 2014 4 Comments

Washington took the cake this year! Tons of sick hills, tons of sick riders, and unfortunately tons of cops.  After getting told to, “Get in your van and leave Mukilteo”, by the police there we decided to take some of the locals advice and hit up Belevue. The hill there was by far best, such a bomber! After killin’ the steeps we went in to downtown Seattle. Downtown was really nice as well, tons of freestyle spots with no skate-stops! Jeremy, one of the guys that showed up to the ride, had us roll to his work out that way. Kushibar was quite kush! Bomb grub+free drinks+3 girls birthday’s made for a great time! Big thanks to Taylor, Mike, Lilly,  Sara, Jeremy, and Mary Norman for the hospitality and great memories!

Untitled from Justin Oliver on Vimeo.


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