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Fresh Cuts is 2 man team competition, in which riders submit their sickest one minute long raw clip. The key to winning the competition is creativity, showcase that unique pinner run in your home spot, then end it with that sick gap you’ve been wanting to hit; the possibilities are endless.  This is your chance to rep your spot and show the Freebord community what you got.

Follow-cams have been an integral part of Freebord since day one. They are and always will be the best way to view a rider’s style. The unique camera angle allows you to live vicariously through the rider as they careen down tight paths, overslide switchbacks, spin 360’s at speed, and launch the steepest of gaps. 

In the past, only the rider being filmed received the glory.  In reality we feel the the follow-camer is the unsung hero, bombing only inches from the rider down treacherous backcountry runs at 30 to 40 mph, holding an expensive camera only inches above the roads surface.  

With Fresh Cuts we set out to change that.

Winners take home 2 sets of Da Blues and 2 hats.