Freebord Czech just threw this video up about their recent trip to Switzerland,  visit Seb Jam, and Pierre Linckenheld of Freebord Suisse.

Here’s a little snippet from their video description:

“After winter season 2012/13, that we spent in Austrian resorts, we met and went for almost 3 weeks long trip to Switzerland to ride local hills and mountains. After two weeks on the way around the country, we arrived to Verbier where we spent the rest of the trip. We (were hosted) and guided by local hero Seb Jam, one of the best Freeborders in the world. He did a (a lot) of work (for) this video and we want to say big thanks to him. U can be looking forward to see four episodes and than full movie Nice 2 meet U 2.”

Holy shit what about that tractor though…. Lots of crazy shit going on in this video, I’m definitely looking forward to the upcoming episodes, be sure to keep checking the blog for updates![/vc_column_text]


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