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Rider Question:
I’m having trouble with my sliding. I have tried tightening and loosening the trucks but it is either not sliding or im not able to turn enough :(. What is the best set up for my board in general so that I can just practice with it like that and get used to it the right way.

Thanks 🙂

Pro Answer: Tyler Murgo
Whaddup Mitchell?

Like all of your board’s settings, your truck tension is a personal preference. But if you’re looking to get sliding down, then I would say ride your trucks on the tighter side.

From my experience, I’ve found that loose trucks are great if you like carving where as tight trucks are great for long and smooth slides. Along with that, tight trucks give the board a feel closest to snowboarding.

So tighten up your trucks a bit and get out to a hill and practice! Once you’ve got the feel for sliding down, try messing around with your truck tension. By doing this you’ll get a feel for how different truck tensions affect the ride and you’ll find what settings you like best.

As for other board settings, make sure you have maximum rocker (this minimizes your chance of catching an edge) and extend your bindings to the outermost holes (this is my personal preference- I find with the widest possible stance, the more stable you feel on your board).

Good luck, have fun, and wear a helmet!
Tyler Murgo

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