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About Freebord

Progression and innovation is what drives us. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement.


  • JOHN says:


  • vega says:

    wider wheelbase between centers than the freebord alpha trucks, because taking an older outdated design and making it worse is smart.

    deck sits closer to the ground, because who DOESNT love catching their toes on edge wheels?

    aldo you have outdone yourself this time…

    • agro says:

      the problem of catching your toes is:
      because the wedge of the kingping it’s like a standard skate trucks, instead of inverted kingping, wich allow a closer turn with less leaning. if you know something about longboard trucks I’m pretty sure you’ll know what I mean
      Appart from that, because te height of the caster wheel base we are forced to use huge wheels on the edge, wich means more weight and easier catching,

      A perfect freebord truck it’s stable (wide and low, big bushing) with good carving felling (inverted kingpin)
      the transition from edge to edge stills being a unnatural felling, lower trucks would help with that

  • vega says:

    i wrote “youre an idiot aldo” in the comments and it came back as “youre an aldo”…now i understand why i couldnt find any comments really bashing the product or making any sense either.

  • Jibunit says:

    shits weak

    lol @ “G74”

  • Nash says:

    LOL @ “G74” as well

    I wish that the description was not jibberish and actually was something I could read and understand

    • Nash says:

      also dont know if it is the conversion or not but it looks like all his decks are 7.5 WIDE….WHAT!!?!?!?!?!?talk about a toy

  • radinplaid says:

    silly question probably, but why is freebord linking to aldos site? i would think this would be something we would laugh at on the forum, not something freebord would publish.

  • Baron says:

    I think just threw up in my mouth a little! G74 is UUUUUGGGGLLLLYYYYY! (The rest is gonna be censored so…. kinda wont waste my time typing it :P)

  • cielo says:

    aiming at a whole design like the new measures

    BIG Al, the designer, who formed at Alfa Romeo, is clear: “I will show you how many decks construction we have tested, but the frozen initial aim was right and maintained, we neither had such a feel with G6 trucks

  • cielo says:

    the designer

  • agro says:

    asymetrical shape with symetrical concave is the most useless concept in the world of boarding.
    they should better use all the tech and innovation in longskates instead of cars, they make nobe mistakes.
    plus, no washer for the barrel bushing, a standard kiro, that means much easier to break and less “meat” when you’re holding your edge,

  • cielo says:

    the frozen initial aim was right and maintained,

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